Steve Wand memorial swim Looming

Steve Wand memorial swim Looming
Steve Wand memorial swim Looming

Just under a week to go to the big day


The original Group and Steve at their 100x 100m swim at Charlton Lido. It has come around really quickly since Mark Invited a select group of swimmers from around the country to Honour Steve in this momentous event. Amoung the swimmers are some pretty heavy hitters int the Open water Ultra marathon world and then there is me.

I am honoured to be included in such a great group of swimmers and I am really going to give it my all because, that is all I have to give and the overall enthusiasm and energy of the group as  whole will carry me to the end. Since turning another year older, I have been plagued by issues with my body including an old ankle injury and more recently, a Back problem that was brought on by lifting something at work , or something as mundane as that. I cannot quite put a finger on it but whatever it was, it has been pretty successful at keeping me out of the pool for the last 3 weeks and in total, my training total for those 3 weeks has been a poultry 8km. 2 sets of 4km and 1 very short 1.2km cold water swim.

suffice to say, this is probably the least prepared I have ever been for a swim from a physical perspective. A lot of you might say, well, You always say that you are under prepared and, yes, I would agree with you. I am not known for one to do heavy distances. People may ask How on earth I am going to get through this?


How do you get through these sort of distances without a lot of training?

First of all I take my inspiration from the many people out there who believe in me and put their faith in me with regards to being able to do this. The list is too long to mention all but first and foremost is the Slimhippo, who sticks by me through all of this and puts up with a lot of my whining. Then there is Mark Sheridan, who has enough faith in my ability to choose to invite me, when there are loads of other swimmers out there. the swimming community as a whole, who believe in me when I find it pretty hard to believe in myself. I will also be in the water and this is where I can disappear and focus on me and however you want to put it, this is my form of meditation and escapism, whilst I am swimming the world disappears and everyone needs times like this.

Another aspect I employ to get me through these swims is not to stress or panic about that I have not done – which is train. The past has gone, I am not prepared and there is nothing I can do about it now so I approach every swim individually and do not worry about it as an event but treat it as just another training swim on the road to something else and just do the best I can. I consider myself extremely lucky that I have the ability to do a swim like this when it scares many others and there are countless more in the world who are not in a position to help others using their passion. I can always just slow the pace right down if need be. All said and done, I will be in the company of 40 amazing people and we can all draw off each other and our support crews, who we would not be able to do without

So for all those who would like to assist in raising much-needed funds for the Kent Air Ambulance service. If you have a few spare pounds, PLEASE go to


Good luck to all who are taking part and A huge thank you to Mark who has put this together and let’s go out and have a GREAT days swimming

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Ameteur Endurance athlete and marathon swimmer Having taken up marathon swimmng in 2008 with the challenge of the English Channel, I then continued on to Cycle up Britain, Kayak across Scotland and run a few marathons. None of those held the draw that marathon swimming held so in 2014 I was back in the water to Swim the longest swim in Switzerland and then, in 2015 I opted to take on my biggest swim to date. SCAR challenge.- 4 lakes in 4 days with distances Ranging from 6 miles to 18 miles.

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